Sometimes we like to make up stories to fill in the blanks that we don’t understand. We feed the drama and hype of things, it’s especially easy to get carried away with this when it distracts us from or makes us feel better about our own shit going on. 

Each of us is living our own separate yet connected stories and experiencing it directly from our own point of view. Each day living and breathing from our own hearts perspective based on our history. The people in our lives, interactions and how they directly impact us and change us, all uniquely different. 

If you aren’t me or in my day to day life how could you really know or possibly begin to understand my full experience or what’s on my heart? I’d say even a close friend doesn’t have the full capacity to understand what goes on inside us, how we communicate, react to, process or feel what’s going on. Only we can truly know for ourselves. Even cracking my heart or brain open to show what’s inside wouldn’t be quite the same because details get lost in translation and we all see things so so differently. 

That being said, judgments and assumptions aren’t something I could or would be able to make on someone else’s behalf, (decisions/way of life etc) because I’m learning and understanding from the only perspective I’ve ever know, my own. 

I can only hope that grace and kindness can remain inside us when hearing of or seeing loved ones go though hard times. That we remember we are all human and that we all need love and support.