What is yoga? 

Over the few years I’ve been sharing my practice here on IG, I’ve had people try to tell me what Yoga is or isn’t. 

I wonder, genuinely, what Yoga is to you.

Is it just a physical practice? Postures and stretching? Is it marketed and made shameful now? Is it something more? Does the way your body look in a specific posture, what you’re wearing or listening to determine if it’s yoga or not?

• To me Yoga is what ever you want it to be, it’s YOUR practice. You get out of it what you put into it.

Its a physical practice of spiritual awakening. A flow of asana, breath and movement that you feel and express physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga is soul remembrance. It’s nonjudgmental, it’s non-harming, it's freeing. It’s magical. It’s connection, acceptance, love. It’s a state of mind coupled with breath and awareness. It doesn’t have to be practiced in any specific clothing, location or way. Moving meditation. A journey to self love. It’s wild, playful, fluid and healing. Non comparison. Yoga is a step to get us closer our true selves, to a deeper meditation, clearing the noise and preparing the body for divine connection. A practice of kindness and understanding in ourselves and others.

What I’m getting at is, your practice is yours. Don’t let anyone make it less than or “not yoga” (🙄) because it’s different or because someone decided to be judgmental, uncomfortable or mean. ✊🏽

The end ✨ xo

leave your thoughts on what yoga is to you, how its helped or changed your life :)